Order Fulfillment for Startups

Order Fulfillment for Startups
Order Fulfillment for Startups Illustration
Order Fulfillment for Startups Illustration
Order Fulfillment for Startups Illustration
Order Fulfillment for Startups Illustration
Order Fulfillment for Startups Illustration

As a business owner, teaming up with the right people can make all the differences in the world. Boxflint has been around for many years and we have helped hundreds of businesses find a strong footing. Leverage our expertise and experience to grow and sustain your business.

You can take advantage of our revolutionizing inventory management system that makes suggestions on optimum inventory level based on past supply, demand, and artificial intelligence backed forecast data. You will also receive notifications when you’re running low on inventory or certain inventory is approaching the expiration date. Combined with all these, you are equipped with the most advanced inventory management system, making inventory management a breeze.

We offer small and mid-size businesses the same sort of tools that retail behemoths like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy utilize but for a fraction of the cost. We also offer additional discounts and coaching for startups so smaller or newer businesses stand a chance.



Our simple rates and various plans are easy to understand and navigate. We make billing transparent, so you know how much you’ll be paying before your bill lands in your inbox. There’s no hidden cost when you partner with us. Furthermore, we offer complimentary IT support to all our customers.

We also offer additional discounts and complimentary coaching to startup owners so they can learn the ropes along the way. We also boast the largest network of shipping carriers in the world. Thanks to our negotiating power, we have secured the best shipping rates from most major shipping carriers. When you partner with us, you get to enjoy these amazing shipping rates. The savings from shipment alone can often make up for the subscription fee at Boxflint.


As mentioned earlier, we offer mentorship or coaching to startup business owners. Often, startups run high on creativity and innovation, but they lack business expertise and efficiency to sustain their growth. We help startups understand supply chain administration, selection of delivery methods, sourcing packing materials, and other related operational functions so they can make more informed decisions and see the holistic picture of everything that’s involved to make fulfillment a success.


Technology can be a true blessing if utilized right. Boxflint is a leader in innovation and utilizes the latest technology to stay ahead of competitions. Our fulfillment service is both innovative and efficient – thanks to technology and how we chose to use it. We implemented real-time tracking systems, customized API integrations, numerous shipping options, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and cutting-edge business analytics backed by a powerful algorithm that can help you make informed decisions.


You cannot just trust anybody when it comes to handling the core functionality of your business. Boxflint has a proven track record of helping businesses. When you partner with us, you know a reputable company is fulfilling orders and taking care of your customers on your behalf. We take extra caution to safeguard both your business and customer information, so they don’t end up in the wrong hand.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from similar companies. Think of us as an extension of your existing staff. Don’t be shy to ask for order customization, instruct us what you expect from us the same way you’d ask your own staff. We will take the time to learn your operation and align ourselves to your business and never the other way around. Your sustained business success means more business for us and we are not afraid to travel the extra mile to ensure you and your customers are well taken care of.

We have been catering to businesses of all sizes, as well as incubators, accelerators, startups, and seed venture capital firms. Contact us today to learn what we have to offer.

Did you know?

Boxflint offers more than just order fulfillment. We can help your business with several consulting options to choose from. We can also help you negotiate lower shipping and freight cost to improve your bottom line.

Customer Service

Boxflint takes great pride in the after-sales service, customer support and customer satisfaction. If you have a question or need help with an order, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service team works round the clock to ensure your business and your customers are well taken care of.

We can be reached via phone, email, online chat or our internal ticket system.

(800) 458-6597

* you need to be a customer with an active subscription to be able to use the internal ticket system.