Distributed Warehousing
Distributed Warehousing Illustration
Distributed Warehousing Illustration
Distributed Warehousing Illustration

Embrace New Opportunities

Constant process improvement and evolving to newer, better more efficient technologies is the key to most modern-day, fairy-tale business successes. However, you don’t have to leap blindly in this endeavor. Boxflint has experimented, perfected and is constantly evolving to make order fulfillment better. Partnering with Boxflint can open new doors of possibilities for your business.

Revolutionary concepts like distributed warehouses are reshaping the order fulfillment process as we know today. Same day delivery is now a reality and often, we can make that happen at a lower cost than what your current in-house order fulfillment is costing you. You get to deliver better customer experience and save money in the process. Now that is a winning combination!


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Order Customization and Personal Touch

As the retail landscape is changing, eCommerce is becoming a fiercely fought hunting ground for businesses. Customers are demanding more and more, and they are giving their business to whoever offers it all for less. Boxflint can help you serve your customers better, for less.

As soon as you receive an order, the clock starts ticking! You need to process the order quickly and get it out of your warehouse door. Slightest of delay can cost you dearly. Not to mention there are countless factors beyond your control.

Order accuracy and safety are of paramount importance. Boxflint can help you ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and they are packaged safely to prevent damage during transit.

Our process is sophisticated, yet simple. As soon as the order is placed, our system, backed by AI informs us of the warehouse that is best poised to fulfill this order based on destination address.

Our system notifies the warehouse and our staff scrambles to get the order processed and prepares the outgoing shipment.

If you have any instruction on order customization our staff takes care of that to ensure your customers get all the attention they deserve.

Once the order is ready, AI jumps back into the mix and determines the most efficient shipping option available.

Our warehouses are well organized, equipped with the latest and greatest technology and staffed with the most competent of professionals.

We not only fulfill your orders but also are fully capable of managing your inventory. We use automated inventory management as well as physical checks to ensure your inventory is safe and secure

Distributed Warehousing Illustration
Distributed Warehousing Illustration
Distributed Warehousing Illustration

Business Analytics Made Smarter

In this day and age, we are drowning in data but struggling to make sense of these enormous amounts of data. Our Business Analytics powered by AI, and Big Data presents data in a meaningful way that can help your managers make more informed decisions.

We also use an automated system to manage and monitor your inventory. When certain products are approaching their shelf life, or running low on inventory, you receive a system-generated message. Based on that, you can decide to either clear out old inventory quickly or place an order for new inventory. This will help you prevent unnecessary delays or downtime in order fulfillment.

Also, we utilize what we call, Advanced Protocols. These Advanced Protocols are basically standing instructions for specific problematic situations in order fulfillment. These will guide our staff and help us execute plan B in events that are beyond our control. Instead of having to wait for your instruction, we can simply follow the standing order and avoid any unnecessary delays.

You decide how you’d like your orders to be handled and processed. By establishing Advanced Protocols, you essentially have a Plan B in place should there be any problem. If you have a special order, let us know, we are happy to customize any order in any way you see fit. We can incorporate your loyalty program, coupon codes, promotional items, samples, etc.

Here’s how our business analytics and decision support systems are helping transform businesses for better:

Process monitoring
Effortless management and monitoring
Database design and interface integration
Database design and reporting
Develop in-house software
Interface and system integration
Remote monitoring and technical support
Highly scalable and flexible software
Aid in project management
World-class technical support when you need it
Process improvement
Assist with project management
Help gauge efficiency of IT infrastructure
Aid process improvement effort
Asist with strategic planning
Help gauge efficiency of IT infrastructure
Provide analytics insight
Improve strategic planning initiatives
Logistics design
Provide analytics insight and decision support
Decision support system
Redesign logistics and supply chain management
Programmable logic controllers
Programmable logic controllers

If you think this is an impressive list, wait till you figure out how much more AI has to offer!

Innovation and a constant push for improvement have set us apart from the crowd. While competitions settle for their mediocre process, we keep improving our superior system even further. Our success story lays in our core foundation where we vouched to never settle for anything less than perfect and deliver our customers with the service that is unparalleled.

Customer Satisfaction is Survival

Boxflint strives to make all customers 100% satisfied with the service we provide. Our experience, expertise, and resources have poised us to deliver quality and excellence that no one else can deliver.

We don’t make false promises. Call now and ask us about our service level agreement. Avail superior services for less!

Shared Inventory Stock

Shared Inventory Stock program is our latest innovative approach where an identical product can be used to fulfill your order even if that product is not technically your inventory. This helps us overcome any limitations with logistics and deliver superior customer service.

Here is how the Shared Inventory Stock Program helps deliver a better experience:

  • Customers will receive their order within 24 hours regardless of their location;
  • Only products that don’t have any expiration date or shelf life are eligible to participate in the Shared Inventory Stock program;
  • Only brand new, undamaged product in their original, retail packaging can participate in this program;
  • All products will be carefully inspected to ensure strict quality control;
  • Business owners can choose to approve or reject fulfillment request from shared inventory.

Participation in the Shared Inventory Stock program is limited and selective. Once you’re approved to participate, you will send the appropriate inventory to us. All merchandise submitted to the program must have proper acquisition documents such as checks, invoices, receipts, etc. You should also be authorized by the manufacturer to resell products where applicable.

When an order is placed for a participating item, our AI will identify the closest warehouse that has an in-stock quantity of the product ordered. Even if that warehouse doesn’t have inventory from you, we will fulfill the order with identical merchandise and update your inventory accordingly.

All your order processing instructions will still apply when orders are fulfilled through the Shared Inventory Stock program. We will photograph fulfilled orders and upload pictures to the CRM so you can verify.

If you are interested to participate in the Shared Inventory Stock program, contact us today! You can either call or email us with your request.

* Only selected number of merchandise and brands are eligible to participate in the Shared Inventory Stock program. We will also enforce strict quality control measures to deliver a positive experience for all Boxflint customers. Boxflint reserves the right to deny participation in this program at its discretion.

How Order Fulfillment Works

Fulfillment That Checks all the Boxes


Establish an inventory with Boxflint;


When an order is placed, our system gets a notification;


Our system designates warehouses that are best poised to fulfill the order;


AI suggests an optimal inventory level for your stock;


Our staff scrambles to fulfill the order following your instruction;


AI determines the best possible shipping option;


Shipping labels are generated;


Items are shipped and the order is fulfilled.

Did you know?

Boxflint has always been at the forefront of innovation. For example, our concept of distributed warehousing has facelifted the entire fulfillment process. Moreover, our attention to detail and care set us apart from the crowd. Business analytics and decision support systems help businesses thrive as we equip our partners with cutting-edge technology.

Customer Service

Boxflint takes great pride in the after-sales service, customer support and customer satisfaction. If you have a question or need help with an order, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service team works round the clock to ensure your business and your customers are well taken care of.

We can be reached via phone, email, online chat or our internal ticket system.

(800) 458-6597

* you need to be a customer with an active subscription to be able to use the internal ticket system.